My Review Of My Trip To Vancouver, Washington

My trip to Vancouver, WA was very exciting. I was able to visit friends that I’d met in my second year of college. We all attended a southern college with me not being far from the school. I only lived a state away. My college buddies were able to see my hometown once or twice. We decided it would be a great idea for me to visit their home in Vancouver, WA. It was exciting being that close to Canada. The entire Vancouver area breathed heritage and prosperity. The weather was quite seasonal at the time for our outdoor outings.


I ended up staying a week in Washington. There was plenty of dining, spas, historical sites, and a mellow night life. I would definitely say that Washington is a place to live while you’re growing up. Everyone was really friendly. Their community is well known for welcoming tourist. In fact, they’re also a supportive community. My favorite outing was our trip to beautiful Mount St. Helen. We were able to take it unspeakable views on our hike. There rangers were always there to lend us advice. The view of the North side of the volcano was also breathtaking. I would recommend a trip to Vancouver, WA for anyone.

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